CyberSafe Assessment




Our non-invasive CyberSafe Assessment provides a fast and accurate overview of the security of your organization without the hassle of occupying your IT department’s time. It consists of two components: By supplying some basic information, which only takes a few minutes on your end, our system pulls data from over 1,000 sources and analyzes it to reveal your true level of cyber resilience.

Easily see your vulnerabilities, sort by severity, and learn about mitigation strategies to improve your security posture. Invite your IT team or IT provider to a secure portal so you can share the results easily. This easy-to-understand portal, powered by Panorays, provides details of your assessment and allows you to update notes and tasks for your team. With continuous monitoring included for 12 months, you can keep track of improvements and receive alerts of any changes that affect your cyber posture.


  • Continuous monitoring and visibility for 12 months with access to detailed findings within your portal

  • Get complete information on each security gap identified, with a list of prioritized mitigation steps to help improve your rating

  • Benchmark your company’s security posture to an industry range and track your cyber posture rating over time so you can stay ahead of competition

  • Get accurate results without wasting your time – the vast majority of the work is on our end, not yours

  • The assessment consists of two components. One component only takes a minute of your time and returns an external analysis by pulling in data from over 1,000 sources. The other component is questionnaire-based. Together, these two components provide a comprehensive examination of your security posture. 

  • Receive a fast turnaround (typically within one week) of your overall security posture

  • Easily keep track of any security changes during your 12 month period

  • Identify any recent mentions of your business on the dark web so you can take action quickly and reduce damages in case of a data breach 

  • See how external parties (malicious or not) see the geographical spread of your digital footprint, and dispute irrelevant assets to avoid privacy and legal consequences

  • Follow cybersecurity news about your company so you won’t be caught off guard

  • The risk assessment score you receive allows you to work directly with your cyber insurance provider to establish a multi-discount cyber insurance policy


How It Works & What We Assess

The assessment is external and does not involve any installations, therefore, we do not have access to internal company resources. Even though it is an external assessment, the level of data obtained is remarkable and similar to the standard penetration test, but without running any harmful exploits or brute force attacks. Some of our tests evaluate the network and IT configurations which include scanning across web, e-mail and DNS servers, TLS protocols, asset reputation, cloud solutions and other exposed services. We also assess web applications, CMS, domain attacks, employees’ attack surface, social posture, etc.

Assessment data is collected from public sources, such as asset reputation feeds and common probes, such as sending an empty email to see whether a destination actually exists. Example findings could include untrusted TLS certificates, a missing WAF on a significant asset, exposure of WordPress user data, an unpatched application version, etc. In addition, we consider the effect of human behavior, such as breached credentials of employees.


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