Path to CyberSafe

After the CyberSafe Assessment, there are many options depending on your risk level and goals. We offer advisory and remediation services and can work with insurance providers to help you obtain cyber insurance.

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If you’ve taken the CyberSafe Assessment and your business fell into the medium or high risk category, our Path to CyberSafe is a great next step

Path to CyberSafe Consists of 3 Components


Review perceived current state and provide options to address identified concerns and risk.


Assess and review systems to understand the vulnerabilities that are present and the capability to mitigate risk


Chaos can provide full service capabilities to address your concerns and risk

path to cybersafe

Let Chaos Cybersecurity Be an Extension of Your Team:

  • We can work with your in-house team or 3rd party provider and fill in the gaps where needed
  • We can also be your full-service cybersecurity team
  • Or, we can provide training and support to your team as needed

Get Your Business on the Right Path

If you have not already done our CyberSafe Assessment, we recommend that being your first step. Where the Assessment helps identify areas of concern, the Path to CyberSafe addresses those concerns and provides options to remediate and lower your risk. Path to CyberSafe is a custom program designed specifically for each unique business. We understand that everyone has different areas of concern and risk tolerance and we will work with you to come up with a plan that makes sense for your goals.

Path to CyberSafe is project based with clear goals and timeline. Depending on the needs of the business, Chaos Cybersecurity can provide full-service solutions or we can offer training and support to your technical team.

The purpose of CyberSafe is to get you out of the red zone and into a comfortable and acceptable risk environment. Once that point is reached, businesses may want to consider cyber insurance and/or managed security services.

Secure Your Environment

Secure your environment and develop a long-lasting strategy of continuous improvement through our cost-efficient approach

Minimize Downtime

A properly set up architecture is simpler to understand and easier to defend. This approach reduces your risk as well as minimizes downtime and slashes costs associated with monitoring complex environments

Develop Redundancies

If one system fails, it’s vital to be up and running quickly. We can help develop redundancies and develop long-lasting processes that ensure you are well prepared for anything that comes your way

Compliance Support

Our team can help assist with compliance certification

Insight & Guidance

Gain insight and guidance regarding the risk associated with your network so you can prioritize accordingly

IT & OT Collaboration

Our systems focus on both IT and OT systems as a whole, not as two separate entities. We understand the requirements for collaboration between IT and OT in order to ensure security enterprise-wide

Prioritized Based on Your Risk

With our expert knowledge of the threat landscape, we help you prioritize remediation based on likelihood and the impact it would have on your organization

Understand True Risk

Our advanced tools can show you vulnerabilities that are often overlooked which could otherwise result in breaches

Virtual CISOs Available

Our virtual CISOs are available to assist with prioritization, compliance, security operations and any other security need

Advanced Assessments Available

We can provide additional assessments if needed. From Compliance Gap Assessments to Asset Discovery to Network Security to Red/Purple Team Assessments and much more

Path to Insurability

If you’re interested in cyber insurance and your CyberSafe Assessment  didn’t come back favorably, our Path to CyberSafe can get you back on track. Improve your security posture rating so you can get a lower rate and save money on cyber insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the CyberSafe Assessment First?

We generally recommend getting the CyberSafe Assessment first. The assessment provides context to the network and IT configurations along with web applications, employees’ attack surface, and much more. We analyze this data and discuss with your team, working together to prioritize the observations based on the potential risk. This data can also show areas of concern where additional assessments might be suggested.

Another benefit to the CyberSafe Assessment is you’ll be able to watch your security posture improve as issues get solved. With the included 12 months of continuous monitoring, there won’t be any guesswork as to whether something was taken care of correctly.

Who is this for?

If your CyberSafe Assessment came back excellent, congratulations, you probably don’t need this service. But, if you fell into the medium or high risk category, our team can help get you on the right track. We work with businesses of all sizes and we also do a lot of work in the Federal and critical infrastructure sectors. 

If I have a team, would I need this?

It depends. If you’ve had the CyberSafe Assessment and your IT team is able to knock out the issues, then you might not need us. The great thing about the CyberSafe Assessment is it comes with 12 months of monitoring so you can watch as issues get resolved. But, if after a few months, your security posture doesn’t improve much, you might want to reach out and see where we can fit to help supplement your in-house team.

How much does this cost?

Path to CyberSafe is a custom program where you pay for what you need. After the assessment, we’ll set up a call to go over your goals and our recommendations. Then we’ll create a project-based proposal based on what you’re looking for. Many of our clients find our services to be very affordable, especially since you’re getting top level and specialized talent exactly where you need it. And remember, an environment that is set up properly, is not only more secure, but also easier to defend, which saves you time and money down the road.

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