CyberSafe Assessment

Fast, Accurate & Comprehensive.

Our CyberSafe Assessment provides an overview of the security of your organization with 12 months of continuous monitoring

cybersafe assessment

With a 99.4% accuracy rate and such an easy, non-intrusive setup, businesses who want ongoing visibility, insight and control turn to our CyberSafe Assessment

Easily see your vulnerabilities, sort by severity, and learn about mitigation strategies to improve your security posture. An easy-to-understand and secure portal, powered by Panorays, provides details of your assessment and allows you to update notes and tasks for your team. With continuous monitoring included for 12 months, you can keep track of improvements and any changes that affect your cyber posture.

Our CyberSafe Assessment is a SaaS-based platform, requires zero installation, and is the missing link that creates an out-of-the-box process and security plan. It easily integrates into existing organizational workflows and systems. It is trusted by organizations worldwide in industries such as financial services, banking, insurance and healthcare, among others.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

See where your business measures up against your industry, so you can make sure that you’re not an easy target. Keep in mind, 43% of all data breaches involve small and medium-sized businesses. And 60% of small businesses that are victims of a cyber attack go out of business within 6 months. 

Don’t be a statistic. Get that piece of mind and see what’s really going on with your security posture so you can stay ahead of your competition. 

Only $1749 and comes with 12 months of continuous monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Get continuous monitoring and visibility for 12 months with access to detailed findings within your portal

Detailed Information

Get complete information on each security gap identified, with a list of prioritized mitigation steps to help improve your rating

Fast Turnaround

Receive your external analysis typically within a week after purchase

Fast & Accurate

Get accurate results without wasting your time – the vast majority of the work is on our end, not yours


The assessment consists of two components which together provide a thorough examination of your security posture. The external analysis only takes a minute of your time and pulls data from over 1,000 sources. The other component is questionnaire-based.

Track Your Improvements

Benchmark your company’s security posture to an industry range and track your cyber posture rating over time so you can stay ahead of competition

Clear Visibility

Keep track of changes. With continuous monitoring, see if something was taken care of correctly or if a new vulnerability gets discovered

Dark Web Mentions

View any recent mentions of your business on the dark web so you can take action quickly and reduce damages in case of a data breach

Asset Discovery

See how external parties see the geographical spread of your digital footprint, and dispute irrelevant assets to avoid privacy and legal consequences

Stay in the Know

The portal shows recent cybersecurity news about your company so you won’t be caught off guard

Cybersafe Assessment: A look inside…

True Visibility

Receive true visibility of your IT and security, without needing to be an IT professional. Instead of assuming someone on your team took care of a security issue, get piece of mind.

cybersafe assessment cyber posture rating

Track Over Time

Track your cyber posture rating over time so you can easily measure and stay on track with security goals. Benchmark your company’s security posture to an industry range so you can make sure you’re ahead of the competition.

With 12 month continuous visibility, you’ll be able to see if a vulnerability was actually taken care of correctly. No more guesswork.

external cybersecurity assessment

See Overall Security Posture By Category

Within the portal, you can click on a category to get more details of related issues as well as dive into a particular vulnerability to get more information

comprehensive cybersecurity assessment

Easily sort & filter by severity

Filter and sort by severity so you know what to focus on first. Create a remediation strategy with a click of a button by creating a task. Once a vulerability gets taken care of, the portal will automatically update within 24 hours so you know whether something has truly been taken care of (and done right).

cyber security external assessment

Dive into Findings to See Details

View additional details on any issues and see how solving a particular problem will affect your overall Security Posture Score. You can also view the history of changes as new vulnerabilities get found and previous ones get solved.

The Importance of Knowing Your Security Posture

Considering that “business interrupted” cyberattacks have increased 50% year over year*, getting a CyberSafe Assessment is one of the most simple, affordable and smartest steps you can take to reducing your risk. 

online cybersecurity assessment
cybersecurity assessment provider

Understand Your Attack Surface

By performing hundreds of tests, we discover your assets such as any domains, subdomains and IPs associated with your business and then run our scans against them to discover vulnerabilities and make sure these assets aren’t affecting your reputation. Often, we discover assets that businesses didn’t realize they had. If one of these domains was previously breached and is flagged as malicious or as a phishing site, this can really affect your reputation. For businesses trying to get cyber insurance, issues like these can result in extremely high insurance rates or being completely denied.

Clear Insight

Our secure and comprehensive portal lets you sort findings by severity and see the cyber posture impact it will have on your overall score.  You don’t need to have a background in IT to understand the portal. Tasks can be created with a click of a button so you can stay focused on what tasks your team is going to take on. If you don’t have an IT Department, our partnering companies can help.

cybersecurity assessment for businesses

Path to Insurability

If you’re interested in cyber insurance, getting a CyberSafe Assessment can save you tens of thousands of dollars. By discovering and taking care of critical issues, you’ll improve your security posture rating, which will end up saving you money on cyber insurance.



How does it work?

The assessment is external and does not involve any installations, therefore, we do not have access to internal company resources. Even though it is an external assessment, the level of data obtained is remarkable and similar to the standard penetration test, but without running any harmful exploits or brute force attacks. Some of our tests evaluate the network and IT configurations which include scanning across web, e-mail and DNS servers, TLS protocols, asset reputation, cloud solutions and other exposed services. We also assess web applications, CMS, domain attacks, employees’ attack surface, social posture, etc.

What do you assess?

Assessment data is collected from public sources, such as asset reputation feeds and common probes, such as sending an empty email to see whether a destination actually exists. Example findings could include untrusted TLS certificates, a missing WAF on a significant asset, exposure of WordPress user data, an unpatched application version, etc. In addition, we consider the effect of human behavior, such as breached credentials of employees.

Who is this for?

Businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry, should be getting regular assessments in order to identify areas of improvement and measure over time. Just because you’re paying for a firewall, doesn’t mean that it was configured correctly. Stop assuming and start being proactive to see what is really going on with your security so you can solve potential issues before they become large problems.

Is it accurate?

Our CyberSafe Assessment has an accuracy rate of 99.4%. This rating combines numerous tests that are checked against a large dataset for distribution, as well as a trusted dataset for validation. You will have access to all your results so you can easily dispute findings and assets. Our technology will then validate the data and either accept or reject your claim within 24 hours and update the findings accordingly.

If I’ve had a risk assessment done lately, why would I need this?

A point-in-time view doesn’t keep up with the evolving risk landscape. Risk can change by the second, and annual assessments are unfortunately ill-equipped for the task. An unknown change in your security posture can result in lack of compliance, additional risk to your company, increased risk of breach and associated fallout such as fines and lawsuits.

With the CyberSafe Assessment, you’ll receive continuous monitoring for 12 months so you can have ongoing visibility and insight.

Is the platform easy to use?

Yes, our intuitive platform makes it easy to understand your security at a glance. You can view your overall Cyber Risk Rating (number between 0 and 100) as well as sort and filter by severity so you know what to have your team focus on first.

Insight You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Get a comprehensive and accurate view of your cyber risk for a one-time fee of only $1,749.

  • Continuous monitoring for 12 months

  • Track your security posture over your 12 month period

  • Reduce your overall risk and improve your security