Cybersecurity Solutions

Custom solutions to identify critical assets, risks, and attack vectors

We develop a plan fit for you by getting to know your current operations, infrastructure, and requirements. We provide cost-effective options allowing you to focus on crucial vulnerabilities to protect your business.

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Why clients choose Chaos for Cybersecurity

Your OT infrastructure is very different from your IT infrastructure. Every OT infrastructure is different. Broad brush approaches and threat monitoring are not enough to protect you. Only security experts who understand OT can help you achieve cost-effective security for your OT infrastructure. 

Chaos Cybersecurity Provides:

  • Specialized solutions designed for your architecture

  • Flexible solutions that help you identify and control risk within your security budget

  • Decades of professional experience across OT/ICS cybersecurity, a secure software development consulting, and industrial product management

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Cybersecurity Assessments

  • ICS Vulnerability Assessments

  • OT Penetration Testing

  • Application and Product Security Testing

  • Purple Team Assessments

  • Operational Response, Continuity, and Resiliency

  • Asset Discovery and Inventory Services

  • Security Architecture Assessment

  • ICS Compliance Assessments

Cybersecurity Programs


Whether the operational technology/industrial control system(s) (OT/ICS) environment is operational or in the development stage, Chaos Cybersecurity provides practical, comprehensive, and manageable cybersecurity solutions that align with the organization’s mission objectives and business processes. Chaos tailors a cybersecurity program and various solutions to secure the organization’s site-specific OT/ICS environments.

Integrating a cybersecurity program for the OT/ICS environment can be challenging for an organization that does not have in-house expertise.

Chaos specializes in:

  • Cybersecurity training and education

  • Program integration

  • Identifying the appropriate cybersecurity skills for your team and program framework for your environment.

Chaos Cybersecurity supports the idea of security through compliance by laying a solid foundation with a cybersecurity program, business mission requirements identification, and security control framework adoption.

ICS Cloud Infrastructure and Security


Chaos Cybersecurity brings together industry-leading network, infrastructure, and security teams to develop actionable integration plans for your enterprise cloud and data center solutions. Our team tailors solution plans using our industry knowledge and experience while rationalizing “right-fit” technologies to support your critical business processes.  Most importantly, we do this within your budget.


We help you plan for and relocate critical technology assets to new data center environments while maintaining operational status.


We will review your current IT operational activities and identify potential areas for tool consolidation and process efficiencies, and provide road maps and implementation assistance for identified recommendations.



We work with you to assess business requirements and to plan migrations of applications and data to the cloud while identifying opportunities to optimize performance, scalability, and resiliency while increasing ROI.

Network Infrastructure


Network architecture challenges present risks for all organizations.   Managing risk in your IT/OT networks makes the problems even more complex. “OT technologies continue to integrate with IT networks without the appropriate security controls, adding new and unmanaged risk to your IT business networks and OT-based technologies.

Chaos Cybersecurity helps customers transform their environment to facilitate secure operations with the right technology, enabling processes with verifiable, measured outcomes and security with a purpose.

Similarly, we are adept in handling compliance issues, operational best practices, and the risk associated with current implementations. Our vast safety and security experience is an asset to critical infrastructure and industries in building and maintaining interconnected IT/OT environments.



  • Wireless communications technologies

  • Network infrastructure protection

  • OT/ICS security monitoring

OT/ICS Security Monitoring


When bad things happen to your infrastructure, you need to know that you have the right team responding to the problem.  The wrong approach to an OT/ICS infrastructure compromise can actually make the problem worse.  You need a team of experienced experts that understand your process and OT/ICS environment.

OT/ICS Incident Response

A timely and effective response is critical to containing and controlling any compromise.  Chaos Cybersecurity will support you with knowledgeable experts who know the control systems and processes to help you get a bad situation under control.  We can augment your team or fully manage an IT or OT/ICS environment compromise, including ransomware.

Incident Remediation

Chaos Cybersecurity can help you rapidly restore operations, remediate the damage, and bolster resiliency in your operations.  We can support your team to clean up any damage and help prevent a future compromise.

OT/ICS Resiliency

We can help you build resilient operations to help you fight through an attack on your OT/ICS infrastructure with minimal impact on your operations.  Our skilled OT/ICS security experts have years of experience developing reliable processes and building effective controls to keep your system up and running.

Get Started with Our CyberSafe Assessment

Stop assuming and start getting true insight into your cybersecurity posture so you know what to focus your efforts on. Getting a CyberSafe Assessment is the first step for businesses who want ongoing visibility, insight and control and who are looking for answers fast. 

  • Continuous monitoring & visibility for 12 months
  • External analysis only takes a minute of your time and pulls data from over 1,000 sources
  • Comprehensive and 99.4% accurate
  • Track your cyber posture rating over time and see how you compare to your industry